Liu Yi “Ballerinas in Watercolor” AUDIO ENGLISH

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Ballerinas in Watercolor

You will enjoy learning the tips and teachings of Chinese artist Liu Yi. How to create subtle brushstrokes and an incredible moisture control on paper. Three complete shows; two portraits and figure paintings of dancers.

Liu Yi Jiang Nan was born in Shanghai. He is an associate professor and Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design in Shanghai Institute of Technology, and member of the Chinese Artists Association teacher. At this moment, is considered one of the best watercolor painters of the world. He has received many awards painting landscapes, but for some years, is painting with great success portraits and figures in watercolor. Liu Yi is very fond of using the wet paper where gently and intensity creates balance and harmony. The dominant language of water and maximizing its benefits. The fascinating watercolors Liu Yi is that despite working with a technique very wet, always have achieved excellent control of the subject; Figures are beautifully drawn and painted, the material of the dresses and shoes represented with much expertise, while fully exploits the inherent qualities of the medium.

Liu Yi - Bailarinas en Acuarela

Liu Yi – Ballerinas in Watercolor

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3 Complete Demos. Two portraits and paintings of ballerinas.


120 minutes.


DVD Panoramico 16:9 PAL Multiregión.

Interactive Menu

Chapter Selection -Language Selection; (English & Spanish)

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Trailer "Bailarinas en Acuarela"

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